Last Poet SocietyThe Last Poet Society by Real Money. But here.

Ever VictoriousEver Victorious by G. Yamazawa. Buy here.

With Japanese descent in his blood, G was born on November 16, 1990 and raised in Durham, NC. G is a proud son, brother, grandson, disciple, student, employee, artist, emcee, and poet. His immovable faith in Buddhism is the platform to the fortune he has accumulated, helping him awaken to the potential that’s been inside of him since his first breath. He has been raised by the most beautiful poetry community in the world, and without it, he is nothing. He is humble, yet confident. Indecisive, yet ready. Tired, yet vigorous. He will never be defeated, and will keep an Ever-Victorious Kansai Spirit in his heart until the day that he dies. In 2008 G traveled to Washington, DC for the Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival as the first major poetry event in his life. Since then, he has competed with youth and adults on a national level.

UnSpoken Truths of a Broken VesselUnspoken Truths of a Broken Vessel by Perry Chapman. Buy here.

Over 100+ selections of creativity.. Explore the Birth, the Torture, the Death, and the Resurrection of a lost soul. UnSpoken Truths… unearths the past and present pain of this talented vessel. Written poems, thoughts, haikus from child. Take a chance and step into the life of TeddyBear…

Art's Reflection Art’s Reflection by Tramon Faffington. Buy here.