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Stuart Albright recently completed a short documentary on his advanced creative writing students. Teenage Novelists tells the story of 55 students, 55 novels, and one year:

New Book Released:

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The 51 adults in this collection share one thing in common: they once took a creative writing class from Mr. Albright in Room 413. Some of them have just entered the working world after college. Others are married with kids and pushing 30 years old. Some are still living in Durham, NC. Others have moved to far-away places like New York, California, Ireland, and even China. They are doctors and teachers, Olympic athletes and award-winning journalists. Some of them really struggled after high school; others haven’t written much of anything since that class. But all of them are open and honest about their successes and failures. No Longer Removed from Myself demonstrates that most people really do want to make the world a better place. Our successes come in different forms. Our lives move forward in fits and starts, the ending uncertain and a little bit scary. Sometimes our dreams go unrealized. Some­times we find happiness and joy in the most unexpected places.